Droll Yankees Yf Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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One of my favorite pastimes is to watch the birds in my garden flit about and enjoy feeding from the bird feeder, however, one thing that always annoyed me was the enormous amount of squirrels that also loved the bird seed! I have tried many bird feeders over the years in an attempt to lure the maximum number of bird species, but to also eliminate these rodents, who scare the birds away and eat all the seed!

What I needed was to find the best squirrel proof bird feeders. Well, I am happy to say that after many trials and errors, I have come across a top notch product that delivers on its promises. This is the Droll Yankees Yf Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Hanging Bird Feeder, which you can find on Amazon and various other websites.

What is important to note is that this is one of the best wild bird feeders on the market, not only because it protects the bird seed from bacteria and mold growth, through a special antimicrobial technology, but it offers one of the funniest, most effective squirrel deterrents ever developed for a bird feeder. Droll Yankee products, including their bird feeders, are known for their durability and functionality, and according to their website they combine a wicked sense of humor with ingenuity.

So, let’s have a look at what makes this particular product, one of the best squirrel proof bird feeders around!

The Entertaining Squirrel Flipper Design

What makes the Droll Yankees Yf Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Bird Feeder, so unique and popular is its funny squirrel flipper. Basically, what happens is that when birds perch on the feeder, the perch ring remains still so that the birds can access the seed via one of the 4 feeding ports. However, when a squirrel tries to get to the bird seed, a motor is triggered and the ring starts spinning, so that the pesky rodent is thrown gently from the feeder! Aside from being rather funny to watch, you will now save tons of money on bird seed and also attract more and more birds, including finch, wrens, woodpeckers, cardinals, grackles, jays, flickers, sparrows, starlings, titmice and many more.

Microban Antibacterial Technology

What is another annoying problem that most wild bird feeders present? Well, it is the fact that the bird seed gets old. It affects the health of the birds and even prevents some of the species from returning to your garden. Of course you don’t want this! Well, now, thanks to the Droll Yankees YF Flipper 4-Port Hanging Bird Feeder, you don’t have to worry as much about the birds thanks to the Microban Antibacterial Technology that inhibits mold, mildew and bacterial growth. This technology will protect the birds and ensure that your bird feeder performs optimally all year round.

UV Stabilized Polycarbonate

One feature that not many wild bird feeders provide, is the use of UV stabilized polycarbonate. This will ensure that the clear plastic tube remains clear and clean, and will not turn yellow or discolor in any way due to being exposed to the elements.

Other Features

Aside from the brilliant flipper ring design, the Droll Yankees YF Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, also offers the following squirrel proofing and convenience features:

• It is tall, measuring 8.5 X 8.5 X 28.5 inches, so that it is impossible to reach the feeder ports even if the squirrels hang upside down from it. • It boasts a secure, strong metal cap that fits snuggly to the bird feeder, so that squirrels cannot lift it to get to the seed. • It offers a capacity of 5 Pounds, meaning that it doesn’t need to be filled up every day. • It contains an internal baffle system so that seed is continuously flowing to all four ports.

What Can you Expect to Pay?

Well, according to the manufacturer’s site, you are looking at a price of $159,99 for this bird feeder. However, Amazon offers the Droll Yankees YF Flipper 4-Port Hanging Bird Feeder for only $ 111,15 and you also benefit from the free shipping.

Warranty Options

The manufacturers are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of their squirrel proof bird feeders that they even offer a lifetime warranty against any squirrel damage. In addition, there is a 1 year limited warranty on all the electronic parts.
What Else Do You Need to Know?

  • Well, first of all, the motor on the perch is battery operated, with the charge lasting around 6 weeks. There is a rechargeable nickel cadmium power stick included which can be charged using the standard 120 volt wall outlets.
  • Another convenient benefit is that the hooks and wire bail hangers are made of stainless steel, so they won’t rust or disintegrate.

What Other People Are Saying about the Droll Yankees Yf Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Tons of people (in fact, over 200 people!) feel the same way I do about this squirrel proof bird feeder and their 5 star customer comments speak for themselves:

  • “It is so much fun watching the squirrels try to get to the feed. “
  • “This is the only squirrel proof bird feeder we have the really keeps the squirrels off. “
  • “I am really enjoying this bird feeder – so much fun to watch when a squirrel attempts to get on it.”
  • “All that I expected and more!”
  • “Works Beautifully!”

To read other reviews and customer comments, visit Amazon here!


Are There Any Reported Problems or Issues?

Well, it is hard to find any fault with this bird feeder, however, one slight hindrance that people found with this feeder is that there is no platform for the seeds to empty out onto when the birds are feeding, therefore some goes to waste as it falls to the ground. Other than that, keeping it clean and dry is also important to ensure the correct functioning of the bird feeder.

Of all the advertised squirrel proof bird feeders and out of all the ones I have tried, the Droll Yankees YF Flipper 4-Port Hanging Bird Feeder is definitely the best and I don’t regret its purchase one bit. It is awesome – the last bird feeder you will ever need to buy! You can get the best deals on Amazon for the Droll Yankees Yf Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feederr.

So, click here to go and purchase the product on Amazon now! Trust me, you will absolutely love it!

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