Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perch Ring

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As the recipient of Best New Product Award from Birdwatch America, the Brome 1024 model is also considered by many as one of the best squirrel proof bird feeders today. This type of feeding tube can accommodate even large breeds of birds, and it also offers a perching environment with adjustable perch lengths.

How Does the Brome 1024 Work as a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

This model can be easily assembled even without tools. You can follow the instructions given on the accompanying user’s manual to make sure that each piece is attached properly.

You can customize the Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perch Ring according to your needs by selecting the number of perches that you want the unit to have. Furthermore, you can also adjust the springs so that the tension will accommodate certain breeds and weights of birds and deter other types of animals. This can be done by simply turning the rod located inside the tube container.
Once the device is set up, you can put in the type of bird seed that the birds in your area can feed on. Aside from using ordinary bird seeds, sunflower seeds are also recommended to allow bigger birds to benefit from the unit.

Heavy birds (e.g. pigeons) that weigh more than 5 pounds will not be able to get to the seeds as the seed doors will automatically close when too much weight is put on the tube feeder. The same principle applies when squirrels try to climb onto the bird feeder; and when they get tired and frustrated, they will simply leave the area and look for food elsewhere.

Key Features of the Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus

  • Multi-Functional Design – It has a total of 6 stations for feeding, adjustable perches, and an optional perch ring that can accommodate cardinals.
  • Durable Materials – The unit is powder coated in green-colored aluminum to make it rust-proof and corrosion-free.
  • High Seed Capacity – As the best squirrel proof bird feeder in modern times, this model can accommodate a maximum of 3 quarts of seeds.
  • Adjustable Closing Mechanism – You can set the feeding tube’s spring mechanism so that the seed paths automatically close when squirrels try to steal the seeds.
  • Seed Ventilation Technology – Because of the unit’s built-in ventilation system, there is proper circulation of air to prevent the development of molds.
  • Simple Design – This model of bird feeder is easy to assemble. Likewise, it is also easy to disassemble when it needs to be cleaned or refilled.
  • Cardinal Ring – A special ring is included to accommodate cardinals. And there’s even a posigrip system that can attract this type of bird.


Brome backs this model up with a lifetime warranty.



  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 23 inches
  • Product Weight: Approximately 3.7 pounds


  • Simple mechanism – the unit is very easy to assemble and disassemble even without any tools.
  • Dishwasher-safe – although the feeding tube requires infrequent cleaning, it can be put in the dishwasher to make the task easier.
  • Secure – this is the best squirrel proof feeder available on the market as it provides for a safe and comfortable environment for different breeds of birds.
  • Effective – this device is designed in such a way that the feeder automatically closes when squirrels climb onto the feeding tube.


  • Flaws in the design – According to some customers, this model is not the best squirrel proof bird feeder as small and light breeds of squirrels can find a way to outsmart the unit’s design. But then, the Brome 1024 has adjustable tension springs. And if you adjust the unit’s tension mechanism, even the most persistent breeds of squirrels can be deterred from getting to the seeds as the seed paths close automatically at a certain weight.

Customer Reviews: Is the Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder the Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

The Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder is considered to be the best squirrel proof bird feeders by a great number of consumers who have already used and benefited from the product. As a matter of fact, it got an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars at the, with a majority of customers giving it a 5-star rating.

There were some reports of certain breeds of birds having their feet stuck on the unit’s cardinal perch ring, but Brome rectifies the situation by sending small rings that work in covering the edges of the perches.

And although this model of bird feeder is generally rain-proof, those living in areas that are prone to heavy rains reported penetration of water into the device. The unit is therefore more applicable to areas with generally dry climate.

Some consumers have also raised the issue of the bird feeder being difficult to clean as it has several parts when disassembled. However, this problem is not experienced by many, as the unit is dishwasher-safe.

There were also some complaints from customers who had raccoons and varmints in their areas. According to them, the system is not effective on such creatures as the feeding tube can be dismantled easily. So you should be aware that this model is only meant to ward off squirrels and large breeds of birds. And if you have similar animals in your vicinity, it is also recommended that the feeding capsule is taken down at night.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for the Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder?

This particular model of bird tube feeder is currently available at site.

What Others are Saying about the Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus

Here are just some of the customer reviews that you will find at the site about the squirrel proof bird feeder from Brome:
“This feeder is the best I’ve had, and I have had a bunch. It has a huge capacity so you don’t have to fill it very often.”
“I am pleased with this feeder. The construction is excellent and I’ve been enjoying the return of my titmice.”
“So do birds like it? Yes very much, it will hold 3 or 4 finch at a time, or two larger birds.”

Our Recommendation
We recommend this model of bird feeder to nature lovers, particularly those who are fond of birds. The unit works as squirrel proof bird feeder as it can ward off squirrels and other types on animals from getting to the seeds that are intended solely for birds.
When squirrels lose their patience and give up trying, they can simply feed on the seeds that fall on the ground. The device will not harm them at all, as it simply deters them from feeding on the bird seeds.
The Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder is well worth the money as it can provide food for the beautiful birds in your area and give you the satisfaction of watching them as well. It is indeed the best squirrel proof bird feeder that you can find on the market as it even allows cardinals to feed on the bird seeds.

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